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On one hand it looks like an oversold bounce that should not be trusted. But on the other hand, it has the look of another V-shaped bounce that has been so prevalent in this market.

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We have been mostly dancing around to the U. With the weaker dollar yesterday the bulls made some progress after early nervousness, but it was not an aggressive day of accumulation. This morning we have the opposite in the early action.

Digitaalne tehingute haldamine praktikas Mis on digitaalne tehingute haldamine DTM? Digitaalne tehingute haldamine DTM kasutab ärilepingute kiireks, täpseks ja turvaliseks haldamiseks arvutisüsteeme, mitte paberit.

The dollar is stronger and that is adding pressure. We had a couple of weak earnings reports in the retail sector but Salesforce.

Veidi üle krooni sellest oli teenitud kasum see pärines eelkõige tehingutest Olympicu, Olvi ja Saku aktsiatega ja ülejäänud minu enda säästud suvistest raamatumüümistest. Olin ise tuleviku suhtes üsna pessimistlikult meelestatud juba

It's rather wishy-washy action with a slight negative bias. I find that the best approach for dealing with this is to not have strong opinions but to stay very watchful and be ready to react quickly.

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The most important thing you can do is to have a GPS-i aktsiate tehingud. There are many market players who prefer to approach the market with a thesis.

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They have a bullish or bearish scenario in mind, position themselves and then hope it plays out. They try to anticipate what is going to happen. Sometimes they will have it right, and sometimes they won't.

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One thing you can count on is LL Stock Options the timing will never be exact. I prefer to approach the market differently.

I want to stay as open minded as possible and then react aggressively as conditions change. I don't think anyone can predict market moves all that well. Sometimes we'll be lucky and the timing will work out nicely, but generally it won't.

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The biggest challenge in the market is always going to be accurate timing. It isn't a mystery that trends will shift. The million-dollar question is: when? You can be correctly bullish or bearish, but if your timing is off by just a little, you may not profit at all.

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There is no way to consistently time the market accurately. But if you react rather than anticipate, you are likely to be much more in tune with the action.

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Right now, I have a bearish bias. I'm suspicious of this oversold bounce and believe that the chances of a failed bounce and a retest of recent lows are quite high. Although that is my bias, I'm not loading up on shorts and avoiding long trades.

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I'm waiting to see some proof from the market that my thesis is correct so that I can react more aggressively. If the market persists in further upside I'm not going to fight it or argue with it. I'll take some long trades and go with the flow. On the other hand if the bearish scenario develops, as I suspect it might, then I GPS-i aktsiate tehingud know what actions I'm looking to take.

The big drawback of a reactive approach to the market is that you need to stay very vigilant and be ready to act fast. At times you are likely to be whipsawed as the market pulls some fake-out moves. It can be quite liberating, however, not to be dogmatic and fight the price action that you don't agree with.

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You are never going to win GPS-i aktsiate tehingud argument with the market and it can be quite beneficial not even to try, no matter how certain you are that it is wrong. We have some weakness this morning on talk about a slowing German economy.

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That is hitting the euro and causing some selling. It is very muddled out there in the early going and we'll just have to see how things develop. At the time of publication, Rev Shark had no positions in any of the stocks mentioned.