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YANG Jing-na Full Text Available The aim of this work is mainly to investigate the contents of copper Cuand Memolite tehingute arv. Znin agricultural soils to provide basic infor-mation for the establishment of green and organic production base in Ili District, Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

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The statistics analysis showed that the mean contents of Cu and Zn in the agricultural soils of Ili District were The concentrations of Cu in the agricultural soils of Ili District ranged from Furthermore, compared the Cu and Zn contents of the tested soils among the eight counties, Cu contents in Tekes County were higher than other counties, while Zn contents showed little difference. This detection or alert surely contains uncertainty, and thus should be evaluated with a proper probabilistic measure.

However, traditional monitoring mechanisms simply provide a binary alert, failing to adequately address this uncertainty. The numbers of daily emergency room ILI visits at five community hospitals in Taipei City during were collected and fitted with a Bayesian hierarchical model containing meteorological factors such as temperature and vapor pressure, spatial interaction with conditional autoregressive structure, weekend and holiday effects, seasonality factors, and previous ILI visits.

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External data from January to February of were retained for validation. The decision rule detects successfully the peak in the validation period.

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When comparing the posterior probability evaluation with the modified Cusum method, results show that the proposed method is able to detect the signals days prior to the rise of ILI visits.

The monitoring mechanism provides earlier detection as well as a complementary tool for current surveillance programs.

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