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See artikkel kehtib rakenduse Microsoft Dynamics NAV kohta kõigis riikides ja kõigis keeltes locales. Get Amazon quiz answers for today. Besides this, Cellular companies also use Post Office outlets to sell cash cards and recharge coupons. The objective is twin-pronged: one, to further streamline the internal functioning and, two, to provide ever better prompt services to our customers. The interest on Post Office Recurring Deposit is compounded quarterly and is computed using the formula below. Apply online instantly.

Even in the face of tough competition, the focus towards fulfilling our social commitment continues unabated.

Even in the face of tough competition, the focus towards fulfilling our social commitment continues unabated. This network forms the largest postal system in the world with an array of about 1. There are Panchayat Sanchar Sewa Kendras to provide basic postal services in the rural areas, in addition to 1.

This network forms the largest postal system in the world with an array of about 1. There are Panchayat Sanchar Sewa Kendras to provide basic postal services in the rural areas, in addition to 1.

Not only in sheer size Bollingeri ribad ja libisemisopped numbers, historically too, India Post has the distinction of being the oldest organization in the world. The year marked the sesquicentennial centenary celebrations of India Post.

In retrospect, the post office has helped in making India a unified entity. India Post touches the lives of Indians in more ways than one. It has indeed come a long way from merely transmitting messages, to providing a wide range of services for the socio - economic betterment of the people. Communication services — Letters, Post Cards, etc. Transportation services — Parcel, Logistics, etc.

This has meant more responsibilities which the Department has taken promptly. Our overarching policy has been to provide a post office and, thereby, postal services, within easy reach, as far as possible, to all citizens in the country. As post offices are opened on the basis of specific norms, the Department has to do a fine balancing act between demand for new post offices and providing financial justification.

Notwithstanding this, the present position still is a barometer of easy accessibility of post offices by the public: on an average, a post office covers an area of This compares favourably with USA, where a post office covers an area of To further augment the network, plans are on the anvil for opening Branch Post Offices in the rural areas, in the upcoming Five Year Plan.

Furthermore, a survey is also underway to assess the requirement of post offices in both rural and SBI Smart Options Trade areas.

Usually, a corollary of this is to see self-sufficiency as mutually exclusive from social service. The Department of Posts has demonstrated through action that this dichotomization is outdated; in point of fact, self-sufficiency and social service can go hand in hand.

As such, India Post is committed to fulfil the Universal Service Obligation for providing basic postal service throughout the country, irrespective of terrain, at an affordable price. To fulfil this obligation, the Department has, an elaborate network of 1,55, Post Offices Kaubandus maagaasi signaalidega on Challenges and Strategies 1.


Being aware that an organization can exist in isolation at its own peril, SBI Smart Options Trade Department has devised a sound strategy to meet these challenges.

Oftentimes, in organizational transformation, a mismatch occurs between objectives and outcomes. Amongst other factors, this is on the count that a proper modeling of transformation is lacking. The Department has planned out a comprehensive model of transformation.

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This modeling is predicated upon the fact that transformation is a multi-dimensional process and, hence, any attempt at changing the Department must be at multiple levels.

Hence, any step towards repositioning the Department has to be first and foremost at the level of Human Resource. As such, an outlay of Rs. As some of the new services require expertise in financial matters, the PFMs are manned by staff having Association of Mutual Funds of India AMFI and insurance qualification for offering investment advice to customers.

At present PFMs are functioning in the country. To make it more convenient for our customers, the Department has brought pick-up facility, too, right up to the doorstep of the customers. Raja as Minister-in-charge with Dr.

Shakeel Ahmad as Minister of State. Planning and Policy Formulation at Headquarters 2. Postal Circles 2. Circles are generally co-terminus with a State.

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Organisational changes 2. The functional restructuring is designed to tackle the transitional problems of change giving due importance to the coordinating and monitoring role of the higher management. Steps have been taken to substitute the traditional pyramidal system with a desk system to support the management.

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Operational Units 2. Branch Post Offices are located in rural areas.

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The Sub Post Offices are Departmental offices located in both rural and urban areas. Head Post Offices are graded into four categories according to their workload and staff strength.

Army Postal Services 2. Technology, amongst other factors, is one of the driving forces of change in society. The advent of technology is creating a fault-line between technology haves and have-nots. Reckoning with the widespread changes brought by technology, the Department has accorded utmost significance to technological advancement.

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The objective is twin-pronged: one, to further streamline the internal functioning and, two, to provide ever better prompt services to our customers. With this as the leitmotif for change, the Department has launched ambitious projects.

The scheme resulted in improved quality of service to the customers and provided greater accuracy in the accounting and related administrative decision-making.

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Encouraged by the positive feedback from all the stakeholders, India Post went ahead for a major computerization drive in Xth Plan and connected through the local area network LAN.

This computerization of Post Offices has helped in leveraging the potential of the large network of Post Offices across the country.

This has enabled India Post and its customers have derived extensive benefits from induction of IT based services. India Post launched Technology based new products and services to meet the present and future needs of our customers. Computerisation and Networking of Post Offices 3. Besides, a number of e-enabled services were started in these Post Offices. National Data Centre 3. This WAN atmosphere would create favourable atmosphere for e-commerce, and mobile commerce applications to take off and provide secure connectivity for advanced banking solutions.

SBI Smart Options Trade of Working System in Post Offices 3. To maximize efficiency and quality of its employees and to make them compatible with emerging needs, India Post took up a scheme of improving Ergonomics in Post Offices.

Task Ahead 3. Such a transformation can only be attained with appropriate technological infrastructure and application. India Post has the vision to be a technology driven organization. It has the mission to create an electronic network covering all offices and enabling electronic transmission of information, pro-active monitoring and control of operations, consolidation of transactional data, data warehousing and effective MIS.

To achieve this task India Post has made an ambitious plan to computerize and network all Departmental Post Offices, 64, extra departmental Post Offices, set-up its own data centers and prepare enterprise wide modular software. At the time of independence, there were 23, Post Offices, which were primarily in urban areas. Thus, the network has registered a seven-fold growth since independence; and the focus of this expansion is primarily in rural areas.

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On an average, a Post Office serves an area of The Extra Departmental Post Offices function on part-time basis for a minimum of three hours and a maximum of five hours. These Post Offices are manned by parttime locally recruited employees, who are paid an allowance for the services they render. On the other hand, the Departmental Post Offices function for a period of eight hours and are manned by full-fledged Departmental employees.

In order to fulfill the Universal Service Obligation subsidy is given to all Post Offices in rural areas, which ranges from SBI Smart Options Trade support was also available earlier for the recurring and non-recurring costs of the new Post Offices during the Plan period in which they were opened.

The strategy for expansion of the network has undergone some modification in recent years with increasing focus on reducing the budgetary deficit of the Department.

The manpower requirement for opening of new Post Offices were met only through redeployment of existing resources.

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With this end in view, as well as to provide better access to postal counter services in areas where a post office cannot be opened as per Departmental norms, franchisee scheme in specified urban areas has been launched in February, Considering the vital need for providing the benefit of technology to the customers, the counter operations are now being progressively computerised to provide a greater range of services to the customer from a single window leading to prompt and error free services.

Registered Unregistered Money Order Service 4. Mail Operations 4. Mail is collected from 5,89, letter boxes in the country. This is processed by a network of Railway Mail Service Offices, and conveyed by road, rail and airlines all over the country.

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Mail Management 4. With this objective, the Department has identified different segments of mail traffic and devised exclusive handling for each segment.

Thus, there are specialised channels like Metro Channel for mail between metro cities, Rajdhani Channel for mail between the national capital and the state capitals and vice-versa, Green Channel for local SBI Smart Options Trade, Business Channel for bulk mail and Patrika Channel for newspapers and periodicals.

In major towns, appropriate guidance was provided to the members of the public to post their letters directly into the destination mailbags to speed up transmission and delivery to the addressees. Modernisation and Computerisation of Mail Operations 4.

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In 7 Metro Cities, movement of mail through mail trays was introduced in order to streamline mail processing and dispatch.

Use of dedicated freighter aircrafts for carriage of mail has emerged as a worldwide practice. Many PostalAdministrations have benefited from these.

Money Order traffic in Million Value of MOs transmitted Rs. Setting up of Mail Business Centres 4.

In the new context of expanding Courier, Express and Parcel market in India, SBI Smart Options Trade are envisioned as frontline business wings of India Post offering one-stop solution for varied mailing needs of the customers. As a qualitatively different version of the traditional Mail Processing Centres of the Department, MBCs are to be designed as an integrated mail business hub undertaking the task of collection, processing and delivery of Bulk mail.

Delivery of mail for bulk addresses will be undertaken by MBCs, while individual mail will continue to be delivered by the Post Offices. Exclusive Pin Codes for customers 4.