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He relaunched the mass-line campaign to bring Party officials closer to the people. At Davos, the leader of the world's biggest Communist Party would become the biggest advocate for free trade.

The 32,character report, the most significant of its kind in recent decades, drew more than 70 rounds of applause from delegates. In the report, Xi said socialism with Chinese characteristics had crossed the threshold into a new era.

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The report has been translated into 10 foreign languages. Most of the translators and foreign linguists involved used the word "powerful" to describe their first impressions. I read from morning till midnight, even forgetting to have meals," said linguist Olga Migunova from Russia. US expert on China studies and chairman of the Kuhn Foundation, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, said that with this political report and the congress, Xi, who is the core of the CPC Central Committee and of the whole Party, sees China as standing at a new historic starting point.

Media and observers, at home and abroad, see Xi as the right man to lead China from being "better-off" into a great modern country. InMao Zedong announced the founding of the People's Republic of China, marking the end to a century of humiliation at the hands of foreign aggressors.

Deng Xiaoping, who put forward the reform and opening-up policy, then paved the way for the nation to become rich.

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The coming five years between the 19th and the 20th Party Congress is the period in which the timeframes of the Two Centenary Goals will converge, Xi said when presenting the new CPC central leadership to the press. In short: to make the Chinese nation great again, address the grievances of the people and root out corruption Mr Xi used simple language easily understood by non-Party members," said the Financial Times.

While praising his relaxed and confident demeanor, five years ago many took a wait-and-see attitude, as the new Chinese leader faced a plethora of headaches: a slowing economy, a widening wealth gap, corruption, and environmental woes.

The waiting and seeing is now well and truly over.

Already some speak of Wall Street Survivors Options Trade change" when describing what happened in the ensuing 1,odd days. A total of major reform plans were put forward and over 1, reform measures launched, establishing a general framework for reform in major fields and lending greater impetus to growth.

The economy expanded at an Wall Street Survivors Options Trade annual rate of 7. More than 60 million people have bid goodbye to poverty. Hundreds of officials at or above provincial or corps level have been investigated for corruption and a campaign targeting undesirable working styles has ensured that the Party with over 89 million members stayed pure and grew stronger. The 2 million-strong Chinese military has reshaped its way of thinking and work style, organizational form and armament.

The "strictest environmental protection system" was put in place and numbers of officials were punished for insufficient work in this regard. Moreover, the country made major progress in scientific and technological fields, seeing successes with a space lab, submersible, radio telescope and quantum satellite.

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For the first time in over six decades, leaders across the Taiwan Straits met in person. China is developing a new type of relations between major countries with the United States and Russia. A proposal regarding a community with Integreeritud ulemaailmne kaubandussusteem shared future for mankind and the Belt and Road Initiative were incorporated into UN documents.

None of these were easy, but Xi and his colleagues have made things happen, with Xi's unshakable will and commitment crucial to the cause.

If we cannot do it, then how can we ask others to do it? Xi's roadmap for China's Algoritmilised valikud kauplemise tarkvara is inspiring: a two-step approach to becoming a "great modern socialist country," once a moderately prosperous society in all respects is established by Socialist modernization will be basically realized from to From to the middle of the century, China will become Wall Street Survivors Options Trade great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful.

By then, China will be a global leader in terms of composite national strength and international influence. Prosperity for everyone will be basically achieved, a prospect that the Chinese nation has been longing for since the Opium War At this point, Xi is the unrivalled helmsman who will steer China toward this great dream.

Xi has been described by the media as "energetic,""ambitious,""sober-minded," and a "pathfinder. He also topped the domestic ratings that respondents gave to their own leaders. A Nikkei report on Oct 19 said Xi had drawn up the blueprint for the country's development over the next 30 or so years and was expected to ensure that China regains its status as a global power.

The Party had to face up to its lack of drive, incompetence, disengagement from the people, inaction, and corruption. Of those failings, corruption became the biggest challenge. In Xi's opinion, if corruption got any worse, it would cause the collapse of the Party and the fall of the state. Achieving any target in the new era would be impossible. The campaign against corruption was like no other in the year CPC history, and remains as far-reaching and relentless as any such campaign anywhere in the world.

One of the Wall Street Survivors Options Trade "tigers" - senior corrupt officials - to fall was Li Chuncheng, former deputy secretary of the CPC Sichuan provincial committee.

He had served as an alternate member of 18th CPC Central Committee for less than a month when he was put under investigation in December Soon, probes of centrally administered officials became an almost regular occurrence.

Once as many as seven "tigers" fell under the gaze of investigators in a single month. Even though the public had witnessed the full force of the campaign, the announcement in July that Zhou Yongkang, former member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, was under investigation came as a bolt from the blue.

Previously, Chinese people had doubted that the CPC would investigate officials at such a high level. The international community had not expected that Xi, still quite new to his office, had the capability or resolve to take out such a "big tiger. Dispelling any doubt, Xi said, "If we did not offend hundreds of corrupt officials, we would offend 1. Rather, it is one of "struggle," a word which appeared 23 times in his report to the 19th CPC National Congress.

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Inthe anti-corruption drive was described as at "a stalemate. Fugitives overseas have found themselves hunted down and captured.

The currency markets have an annual turnover of USD trillion. Valuutaturgude aastakäive on triljonit USD.

Domestically, thousands of officials confessed to disciplinary authorities on their own initiative. While some suggested taking a breather as long as some progress has been made, Xi said the Party must not leave well enough alone in front of an early harvest.

Rather, the Party must fight for a "sweeping victory" over corruption. A popular cartoon on the Internet shows Xi on top of a tiger and punching the beast with his fist. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, about 75 percent of Chinese people were satisfied with the anti-corruption efforts in The figure had risen to Xi does not only rely on taking out "tigers" and swatting "flies" - low-level corrupt officials - to win people's support.

In earlywhen Xi read an article, "Netizens call for curbing food waste" carried by Xinhua News Agency, he gave the instruction that "waste must be stopped. After five years of hard work, the CPC checked the unhealthy trend, a mission once believed to be impossible. Yang Xiaodu, deputy secretary of the CCDI, declared: "People said public funds spent on recreational activities like dinners and drinking could be about billion yuan every year, but no one knew how to curtail it.

With the eight-point regulation on frugality, the problem has been solved. We must do what we should. If our work needs us to offend some people, we must offend them," Xi said.

Xi meant what he said. He relaunched the mass-line campaign to bring Party officials closer to the people.

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He urged officials to meet "strict" and "earnest" requirements: to be strict with oneself in practicing self-cultivation, using power, and exercising self-discipline; and to be earnest in one's thinking, work and behavior. The Party required all its members to have a solid understanding of the Party Constitution, Party regulations, and major policy addresses, and to meet Party standards of behavior.

The CPC will run a campaign on "staying true to our founding mission" to enable all the Party members to arm themselves with new Party theories and become more purposeful in working tirelessly to accomplish the historic Party mission.

The Party has revised its regulations on disciplinary punishments and code on honesty and self-discipline.

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Those keen on officialdom are losing power and influence. Over the past five years, more than 5,"naked officials" - those whose spouses and children are overseas - have been removed from their posts. More than 22, officials at or above county-level had their posts rearranged on the basis of their performance. It is widely acknowledged that when such a big Party as the CPC governs such a big country, difficulties are inevitable.

Without a strong core of leadership, it is hard to maintain unity of Party thinking and solidarity across the entire nation.

Weak leadership makes any achievement impossible, not to mention victory in a "great struggle with many new contemporary features. One of his colleagues noted in an article that Xi's speeches "exuberate with firm belief in communism and socialism.

Xi quoted Chen's words: "The taste of truth is so sweet. InXi Zhongxun's 16 years of suffering from political persecution began.

However, he never gave in to adversity and ultimately helped clear the names of others who were persecuted.

Xi Jinping And His Era

When his father was wronged, Xi Jinping went through some tough times. In one of his letters to his father, Xi Jinping noted that even when trapped in hard times, Xi Zhongxun still held "unswerving faith in communism and belief in the Party's greatness, correctness and glory. Xi also recollected that, when he was 5 or 6 years old, his mother bought him picture books about Yue Fei, a patriotic military commander of the Southern Song Dynastyand the story of how Yue's mother tattooed four Chinese characters on his back to remind him of devoting himself to the country.

It is the pursuit of my entire life," Xi said. During his early life, Xi applied to join the Communist Youth League eight times and the CPC 10 times, before he finally joined the Party at the age of He works not only in his office, but among the people," said Keovichith Lamngeun, a Laotian who worked as one of the nine foreign linguists on the translation of the 19th CPC National Congress report.

Many times over the last five years, the general secretary popped up in crowds of ordinary people amid roars of cheering and the sound of mobile phone camera shutters. He queued and dined with members of the public in a roadside restaurant. He bought festival gifts himself before visiting old acquaintances in the village where he worked as an "educated youth. He has walked into farmers' barns and kitchens, checked the menu at nursing SGO aktsiate valikud Wall Street Survivors Options Trade stressed virtue to young students.

He stayed overnight in a makeshift prefab during a visit to the scene of an earthquake. He once visited Beijing's hutong in heavy smog, dropping in on residents to ask about their work, salaries, what they burned for cooking and heating, as well as how far their homes were from the nearest toilet. Xi has visited all of the poorest areas suffering Wall Street Survivors Options Trade poverty" in China. When Xi sat down to talk with other delegates from the province in a panel discussion, no one was quite sure how the conversation would turn.

Later, somewhat surprised delegates found themselves discussing pork delicacies, strong liquor and tourism with him, all of which are regarded as effective means to bring in extra income for locals.

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Media reports of this discussion have drawn numerous clicks and many "thumbs-up" on the Internet. The people always take the center stage in Xi's blueprint for "a great modern socialist country. In Novemberduring an inspection tour to the central province of Hunan, Xi visited Shibadong, a Miao minority village labeled "poor" at the time.

During that tour, Xi first put forward the concept of "targeted poverty alleviation," which refers to measures that include a system to keep track of every household and individual in poverty to verify that their treatment is having the desired effect. For Shi, "targeted poverty alleviation" meant a government subsidy to finance a kiwi fruit plantation for her and her neighbors.

Xi was visibly pleased on learning later that people of Shibadong had finally shaken off poverty. He has pledged to lift the country's remaining 40 million impoverished Wall Street Survivors Options Trade out of their situation bya step against poverty unprecedented in human history.

Securing sustenance for all 1. He is determined to bring about even more: better education, more stable jobs, higher incomes, more reliable social insurance, better medical services, more comfortable living conditions, a more beautiful environment and a richer cultural life. As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, Xi said the principal contradiction facing Chinese society Wall Street Survivors Options Trade evolved into one "between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better Wall Street Survivors Options Trade.

He presided over meetings of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform to discuss major medical reforms and made "Healthy China" a national strategy.

A property rights protection system is being improved to give people a greater sense of security. Reform of household registration system will ensure equal access to public services for more people. Xi is practicing the CPC principle of serving the people wholeheartedly. What makes him stand out may lie in his experiences of living and working as an "educated youth" - urban youth sent to remote rural areas to "learn from farmers" during the "cultural revolution" He stayed in Liangjiahe, a small village in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, from to These gave me an enduring inspiration in my life.

During his about 44 years in politics, he rose from grassroots Party chief to the CPC leader, from an ordinary citizen to the country's president, from an average military officer to the Central Military Commission chairman.

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He has worked in Party, government and military units, holding posts at all levels from village-level to county-level and all the way through to provincial and central authorities.

Wherever he works, he makes a remarkable impact. He leads the CPC in serving the people's interests - usually long-term interests - with foresight and consideration for what can be carried through. About three weeks after assuming his post of CPC chief inXi trod the same route that Deng Xiaoping took into South China's Guangdong province, the frontline of reform more than 30 years ago.