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The change itself Option tundi TD Ameriditrrade nothing. When we have made it, the next wish is to change again. To that end, they are constantly trying to anticipate when a trend might shift. The idea of shifting from bull to bear at exactly the right moment is extremely appealing, but it can be an extremely costly quest if you focus on it too intently.

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Calling exact market turning points just isn't something that can be readily done, no matter how great your market insight. Many market players like to believe they can time the market with great precision, but if they do actually get it right, it's often luck more than skill.

The current market is a particularly good example of how enticing and frustrating it can be to try to call a market turn. Since this rally began back in early February, we've had a constant barrage of market pundits declaring that the reversal is finally at hand Over the past week we've had a little slowing in the upside momentum as the Goldman Sachs GS fraud allegations were made and a little "sell the news" reaction to earnings kick in, yet the market has found its footing and soon we were trending up again.

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All the folks who were hoping that a turn was about to occur found themselves berating the market beast on Thursday after what seems like the millionth dip-buying bounce to a new high. My solution for dealing with the difficulty of trying to call market turns is to avoid trying to do it.

We should stick with the prevailing trend until there is some pretty clear evidence that it is turning. That means suffering some losses when an actual turn does occur, but most people would be better off overall if they did just that.

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There is a strong tendency to underestimate how long a trend will last, and if we keep trying to call turning points, we will almost always end up on the sidelines way too early. Like most things in investing, sticking with the trend and trying not to anticipate turning points is more difficult than it sounds.

One of the biggest problems is that the longer the market runs in one direction without a correction, the more difficult it Option tundi TD Ameriditrrade to find stocks that are not technically extended.

When the market goes straight up for nearly three months, you just aren't going to find a lot of easy entry points if you are a disciplined investor, no matter how bullish you might be.

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That's the position many investors find themselves in right now, and it's why we hear so many complaints about this market that the media and permabulls love so much. It isn't that folks are all that bearish, but they're finding it very difficult to navigate a market that only goes in one direction.

Many of the bulls scoff at that notion, but if you have a disciplined trading methodology that regularly harvests gains and prevents you from buying overbought stocks, you're probably not fully invested at this point even though the trend is still up.

Some folks seem mystified by this, but both stocks have been pricing in better-than-expected numbers as they ran up over the past couple of months.

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Overall the market indices are indicating a flat open. They were down more last night following the earnings news, but I suspect the dip-buyers are just too impatient to wait for the market to open before they do their thing.

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European markets are up despite Greece's indication that it is ready to receive some financial aid. That event has been anticipated, so there is probably a "buy the bad news" reaction occurring.

That dollar is up and we'll have to watch that as a potential drag on oil and commodity stocks. Overall, the bulls remain firmly in control of this market and are causing great pain for those who keep on anticipating a turn. The turn will eventually come and catch many by surprise, but for now we have little choice but to embrace the old maxim that the trend is our friend.

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