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Tallinn : Tallinn University of Technology, , Hünicke, B. Regional Climate Studies. He also made important contributions to optics and mechanics. Herrmann, H. Rheology-simulation of short fibre reinforced concrete casting.

Photogrammetry based methodology for construction of a first reference 3D model of Pakri Cliff for future monitoring of coastal changes and hazard assessment for Pakri lighthouse. Theory and simulation of short fibre reinforced composites.

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Hünicke, B. Recent change - Sea level and wind waves. Cham : Springer,Ch. Chapter 9, Regional Climate Studies.

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Kudryashov was born in Leningrad, U. He received the Diploma in Electrical Engineering in and the Ph. His research interests include coding theory, information theory and applications to speech, audio and image coding. Wilhelm Määratlus: 1.

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He obtained a doctorate in law at age In he began working for the elector of Mainz, in which position he codified the laws of the city, among other important tasks.

He served the dukes of Braunschweig-Lüneburg as librarian and councillor — In he helped found the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin and became its first president.

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