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Metallitöödele spetsialiseerunud Kuenzle Metallbau AG toodab erinevaid ehitustooteid arhitektidele, ehitusfirmadele ja eraisikutele. Váradi Metalli Kft.

We hold in our Tallinn stock a wide range of materials that support both the Baltic and Nordic countries. Kominox has the largest stock of stainless steel in the region and focuses on high levels of service provided at competitive prices. Our team offer specialist knowledge to our clients and pride themselves on maintaining long-term relationships.

These stainless steel fittings surface mount a traditional DIY cable railing into wood. Perfect for small DIY cable railing project to big scale indoor and outdoor applications. It's very easy to make a railing for your garden, stairs, and aisles. Installation: 1. This attaches to the first 75mm Screw Eye.

Deco tubes Ornamental or deco tubes are the perfect fit for many uses. Yachts, furniture, handrails are just some applications that benefit from durability, corrosion-resistance and the beautiful looks 5 peamised kauplemisvoimalused Mangud stainless steel tubes. Kominox is able to supply a vast variety of profile types, wall thicknesses, steel grades and finishes.

Balstrade Systems UK

Our best-sellers are stainless tubes with a satin or mirror surface finish. These products showcase the exceptional surface finish quality of our main supplier — YC Inox. Their quality assurance is the best in the industry and the pipes are subject to several types of testing, including eddy-current and hydrostatic testing in accordance with EN or ASTM standards.

Balstrade Systems UK

The maximum diameter is mm, and the maximum wall thickness 30 mm. We can provide coil and sheet in thicknesses from 0. Almost any surface finish is available, from 2B to No 8 super mirror. All popular grades and sizes available from stock.

Maailmameistri tiitli nimel võitlesid noored spetsialistid ja kuni aastased praktikandid kogu maailmast, piirkondlike ning riiklike võistluste võitjad.

More exotic specifications can be sourced from production. Besides the articles that all distributors carry, we have a few rarer items. For instance, the mirror-finish angle profiles from YC Inox — perfect for stylish interiors.

For more details, please contact the sales representative in your area.

Balstrade Systems UK

Fittings, end caps, supports, glass clamps, etc. Hence most of our fittings in stock are designed to fit these two sizes.

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Other dimensions are available from the mill. We offer several surface finishes, our best-sellers are satin-brushed or polished. One Balstrade Systems UK the key advantages of the Kominox system is welding-free assembly. Research our catalogue and approach our sales specialist Balstrade Systems UK advice!

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