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Membership fees are used to develop the Association and to represent the interests of members. Every euro saved gives a Swede almost a third higher pension than the same amount saved by Estonians.

Estonia needs a smarter and measurable pension strategy.

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As the first and only association representing pension savers, Tuleva is a credible partner for Ministry of Finance and state legislative bodies. We participate in pension strategy discussions, where next to the officials only banks and insurance companies used to be represented.

We help to make better laws. The laws that protect the people.

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We have our first achievements. We sent a petition to parliament, signed by people, that proposes to reform how people can use their II pillar savings.

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We do not organise demonstrations or spread random complaints. We are direct, we analyse issues and offer constructive solutions.

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Tuleva is a social company with a goal to earn profit for its members. Every year, each member who has transferred their second or third pillar to Tuleva pension funds, earns a member bonus. Bonus is transferred to your personal capital account at Tuleva.

This is your ownership stake in Tuleva capital and this stake can earn you additional profit.

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When Tuleva grows, our funds under management grow and we add new products to our offering, then the association will earn profit. The profit is then divided among members, as set in our Articles of Association.

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As always with profit from entrepreneurship — this depends how well our venture is doing. The founders are convinced, that the euro joining fee pays for itself many times over. But we do not give promises.

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How is member bonus calculated? Tuleva is for people who care. This is the official part and it is very important.

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Every day we share our ideas and experience among Tuleva members in our Facebook group, e-mail, phone and working groups. Among our community, there are people who care about the society and have very different skills.

In these pension funds your pension is just as protected against risks as in Tuleva pension funds. At the same time the average total expense ratio for those pension funds is 0. Swedbank has also three low-cost third pillar funds on offer but these are for most savers not comparable as these funds do not allow withdrawal of money before 55th birthday. The terms of our pension funds can be found herehere and here.

Many are ready to take responsibility for ensuring us a better future. Tuleva team listens very carefully to our members and uses their ideas for making Tuleva better. We are only starting and believe that the power of thousands of smart people can be used for increasing our common good. How do we use cookies?

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