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Consideration shall be given to further improve GSP and other schemes for products of particular export interest to least-developed countries. Expects that with proper implementation, RISE could revitalise industry and repatriate manufacturing to the EU, paying attention to supply chain management and also taking into account specific regional and local manufacturing cultures and demand while fostering important emerging sectors necessary for a sustainable economy and society; Agree that: i Expeditious implementation of all special and differential measures taken in favour of least-developed countries including those taken within the context of the Uruguay Round shall be ensured through, inter alia, regular reviews. Agree to keep under review the specific needs of the least-developed countries and to continue to seek the adoption of positive measures which facilitate the expansion of trading opportunities in favour of these countries. Recommends that the Commission focus on the added value of European industrial output in world production chains on a sector-by-sector basis in order to ascertain how firmly rooted the various industrial sectors are in the Member States and to establish more effectively a common strategy to defend European industrial interests;

  • Stresses that industrial policy incorporates all fields of policy which have an impact on industry; recognises that IP must tackle the major societal and environmental challenges set out in the Europe strategy and goals as well as targets, including future energy, resource, employment, industrial and climate objectives, and must be effectively integrated into the European Semester process and the national reform programmes in Hinda kaubandusstrateegiad to establish the requisite preconditions for investment and create good jobs, particularly for young people; calls on the Commission to improve upon its communication regarding its commitments in support of IP in order to restore the confidence of investors, workers and citizens in EU action; 5.
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