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Apple is a stock many in the market love to love because not only does the company have such a loyal following for its products but it also does such a great job of managing its earnings.

Every quarter, Apple plays the same game. Management reduces guidance for the next quarter, and that sets the stage for dramatically exceeding estimates when the company reports. It isn't any secret.

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Everyone knows what the company is doing, but, nonetheless, it keeps a continuously positive buzz. With the strong Apple report now in the books, the Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site of the day is whether the Nasdaq can move higher for the eleventh straight day.

Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site

When a market has that sort of streak, there isn't much you can do but appreciate the momentum and fight the inclination to be overly aggressive with a contrarian trade. Both are trading down fairly sharply on the news. Banks were showing some relative weakness the last few days, but market players were focused on the promise of Apple and weren't paying much attention. This market continues to produce a major dilemma now.

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I've been saying that for several days, but the situation has not changed. We have gone straight up with barely a pause and have produced a slew of overbought and overextended charts, but momentum has showed few signs of slowing and the underlying support has been extremely strong.

Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site

Finding new buys is very difficult, but shorting into the strength has not been a profitable move. Maybe now with Apple out of the way and some poor action in banks, we will cool off a little, but so many folks were caught by surprised when the market took off last week following Intel's INTC report that we are likely to have a good supply of dip buyers out there. They should keep the downside contained even if we do finally start to consolidate the recent move.

Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site

It is impossible not to be at least a little more cautious when a market has moved as much and as quickly as this one has over the past week. That doesn't mean you have to be wildly bearish, but it just isn't prudent to keep chasing stocks that have made parabolic moves.

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My stance right now is neutral. I'd be happy to buy things that are set up, but the vast majority of charts I see need some rest.

Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site

On the other hand, there is enough underlying support and buying interest that we can't expect the market to simply fall apart and go straight down. We have battle lines drawn today, with the love affair over Apple and technology on one side and some concerns over the banking sector on the other.

Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site

Throw in an extended market and plenty of performance anxiety, and we have the recipe for some chaotic action. Select financial names showing weakness: AXA Other news: CIT

Morgan Stanley Stock Selection Site