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Teata sellest elamusest Kuhu sa lähed The Ojai Cocoon is an enchanting, full-sensory square foot studio in a beautiful home along Hwy 33 as you come into Ojai. Andrea has set up the studio to keep everyone socially distanced with lots of space to spread out and feel comfortable.

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The Ojai Cocoon normally fits 80 people. Each experience has at most 10 guests, and each group has it's own area of the studio.

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You can also hold an Experience just for you and your family or group. Gloria mai an amazing; comfortable; and eye, mind, and heart-opening experience.

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Linda Stock Options Hind Streigs Beautiful, unique, fabulous experience!!!! One of a kind and lovely!

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Completely recommend and were surely do this again! Andrea is warm, talented, and a wonderful storyteller.


Johnathan aprill Andrea's performance was magical. My wife and I laid on a bed while we were taken on a wonderful musical ride accompanied by her great storytelling in between. The instrument, the sounds it created immediately relaxed our bodies and minds. It's an immersive experience that is not to be missed in Ojai.

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We're very thankful for Andrea's generosity in sharing her experiences and her craft with us. Highly recommended!

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Andrea's performance was magical. Renata märts Andrea is an incredible artist, musician, and dancer. We drove 3 hours for her performance and it was SO worth it.

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  • В моей жизни и без того было столько Элеонора Уэйкфилд-Тернер появилась в большой аудитории Сентрал-Сити в 7:30 утра.
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An unforgettable experience Andrea is an incredible artist, musician, and dancer. Loved the great performers and the detailed explanation of the history and the meaningful stories behind it.

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Would def recommend to my friends and come back again. Very enjoyable for all ages.

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