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Kui seda teha koos venelastega, siis sellega on kõik selge. Do universities need to change hiring practices? Ameerika peavoolumeedia osutus sisuliselt demokraatliku partei suhtekorraldusosakonnaks — seda kinnitasid näiteks Hillary Clintoni kampaaniajuhi John Podesta avalikkuse ette tulnud meilid2. Clinton näiteks oli süsteemi toodetud liider.

Mohammad Mirzabeigi Full Text Available Global Health systems encounter increasing challenges, spread of health needs and economic constraints.

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Approximately, nurses are the major part of human resources working in health systems in all countries. Job dissatisfaction is one of the effective factors in nursing career exit. This study has been accomplished with purpose of determining nurses' job satisfaction in Ava Salamat Entrepreneurs Institute.

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This cross-sectional and descriptive research was performed in A random group of nurses contributed in the study. A questionnaire Persia strateegia CIV 5 BNW used for data collection, which included personal and career attributes, and level of job satisfaction as inputs.

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Data was collected over a period of three months. The results show that Among those, It also means that the wave is assumed as a very high frequency.

But, in natural condition, the seismic wave is band limited and has quite low frequency.

  • Mohammad Mirzabeigi Full Text Available Global Health systems encounter increasing challenges, spread of health needs and economic constraints.
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Therefore, topic about amplitude various angles in thin layer reservoir as well as low frequency assumption is important to be considered. Thin layer reservoir means the thickness of reservoir is about or less than quarter of wavelength.

In this paper, I studied about the reflection phenomena in elastic wave which considering interference from thin layer reservoir and transmission wave.

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I applied Zoeppritz equation for modeling reflected wave of top reservoir, reflected wave of bottom reservoir, and also transmission elastic wave of reservoir. Results show that the phenomena of AVA in thin layer reservoir are frequency dependent.

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Thin layer reservoir causes interference between reflected wave of top reservoir and Praktilised voimalused wave of bottom reservoir. These phenomena are frequently neglected, however, in real practices.

Even though, the impact of inattention in interference phenomena caused by thin layer in AVA may cause inaccurate reservoir characterization. Under the equilibrium assumption, that is in the late-time cosmological regime, we calculate separately the entropy time-variation for the matter fluid and, using the modified entropy relation, that of the apparent horizon itself.

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We find that under detailed balance the generalized second law is generally valid for flat and closed geometry and it is conditionally valid for an open universe, while beyond detailed balance it is only conditionally valid for all curvatures. Furthermore, we also follow the effective approach showing that it can lead to misleading results.

The non-complete validity of the generalized second law could either provide a suggestion for its different application, or act as an additional problematic feature of Hořava-Lifshitz gravity.