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Binaarne optsioon annab selle omanikule õiguse saada fikseeritud summa, kui vara jooksevhind kasutamise kuupäeval on kõrgem binaarne ostuoptsioon või madalam binaarne müügioptsioon streigi hind. Lisaks sellele võib valikuharjutuseks olla mitu akent. Tingimuslikud lisatasu optsioonid ilmusid esmakordselt kaubabörsidel, pärast mida said nad valuutaturgudel populaarseks investeerima bitcoini viska nasdaq meelitasid ligi ka palju Nikkei indeksis mängivaid investoreid.

This thesis file must then be defended before a jury whose members not necessarily academic personalities are suggested to the sponsoring university by the candidate.

Once all the members have been agreed upon, a five-hour deliberation session is held between the candidate and the jury. At the end of this "defense," the jury decides whether the degree should be awarded, and if so, with what honors. The present volume is a translation of the defense of the material in my file which was recorded at the Sorbonne in I am very proud to have had the chance to debate the issues covered in this volume with this distinguished company.

Many of these subjects have preoccupied me since my youth, and it was an honor to discuss them with the specialists on the jury, each of Delta Gama aktsiate tehingud being part of the French intellectual avant-garde in his domain.

I admire the perseverance, courage, and intelligence of the young composer Sharon Td aterirotrade valikute haridus, first for having translated this book and, second, for finding Pendragon Press, an American publishing house that was willing to bring out a work which guaranteed no particular commercial success. Through the innocence of her youth and her love for these same subjects, Sharon fought through the problems of publication, mostly on her own.

In this translation, I have tried to render the written word as close to "speech" as possible while not betraying the grammatical logic behind the statements. French and English verbal patterns differ greatly. A note of thanks is due first of all to Iannis Xenakis himself for initially suggesting this translation to me. His encouragement. Deep thanks to Robert Pépin for his patience and thoughtful eye.

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A special note of thanks must also go to Robert Kessler. I would like to dedicate this translation to my parents Elizabeth and Walter Kanach.

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Sharon E. Presiding over the jury was Bernard Teyssèdre. Not only do they present extraordinary deviations, rich in new creations, but also fossilizations, ruins, and wastes, all in continuous formations and transformations, much like clouds - so distinct yet so ephemeral. This can be explained by the proposition that music is a sociocultural phenomenon; therefore, subordinate to a given moment in history.

Iannis Xenakis: Kunstide ja teaduste sulam FR_EN_EE

Yet we can distinguish the parts which are more invariable than others and which then form materials of hardness and consistency resulting from various epochs of civilization; materials which move in space, have been developed, put into use, and have followed the course of ideas, colliding one against the other, influencing and annihilating one another, mutually fecundating.

But what is the essence of these materials? Intelligence which searches, questions, infers, reveals, foresees - on all levels. Music and the arts in general seem to Td aterirotrade valikute haridus a necessary solidification, materialization of this intelligence.

Naturally, intelligence, although humanly universal, is diversified by the individual, by talent, which distinguishes one individual from others. Talent, then, is a kind of qualification, a grading of the vigor and richness of intelligence: for intelligence is, fundamentally, the result or expression of the billions of exchanges, reactions and energy transformations of the body and the brain cells.

Using the model of astrophysics, we could say that intelligence is the form which minimal acts take in cellular condensations and movements as it seems to be with solar, planetary and galactic movements, and in galactic constellations, born of or reduced to cold interstellar dust.

However, this image is inverted at least on one levelfor in condensation, this cold dust becomes hot. Therefore, colors, sounds and dimensions are condensations in our sensory-brain system. A brutal and perfectly superficial exterior aspect of this system is perceived and comprehended on the conscious level.

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The periodic vibrations in the air and the electromagnetic field of light are inaccessible to the conscience but are magnificently well followed within limits, of course and converted by our senses and brain. Conversions, on the other hand, operate on several levels, from that of immediate perception to those of comparison, appreciation and judgment.

How, why is all of this produced? It is a mystery, elaborated as it is among the animals, and this has been so for millions and millions Td aterirotrade valikute haridus years. There have been, at least in the Western world, stronger and stronger condensations: the perfect fourth and tetrachords, and perhaps even earlier, the perfect fifth whose origins remain unknown : then.

Next came the evenly tempered chromatic scale, and finally, continuity in the ensemble of "pitches.

This table shows one of the paths music has taken since its origin since Antiquity and to which it Kuidas kaubelda muugioptsioonide abil kept with remarkable fidelity through millennia, marking a significant acceleration during the twentieth Td aterirotrade valikute haridus.

Consequently, it seems that a new type of musician is necessary, an "artist-conceptor" of Td aterirotrade valikute haridus abstract and free forms, tending toward complexities, and then toward generalizations on several levels of sound organization. For example, a form, a construction, an organization based on Markov chains or on a complex of interrelated probablitiy functions can be simultaneously conveyed on several levels of musical micro- meso- and macro-composition.

We could even extend this concept to the visual domain, for example, in a spectacle involving laser rays and electronic flashes such as those of the Cluny Polytope.

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The artist-conceptor will have to be knowledgeable and inventive in such varied domains as mathematics, logic, physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, paleontology for the evolution of formsthe human sciences and history: in short, a sort of universality, but one based upon, guided by and oriented toward forms and architectures.

Moreover, the time has come to establish a new science of "general morphology" which would treat these forms and architectures within these diverse disciplines in their invariant aspects and the laws of their transformations which have, in some cases, existed for millions of years. The backdrop for this new science should be the real condensations of intelligence: in other words, an abstract approach, free from anecdotes of our senses and habits.

Let us now delve into the fundamental system on which art is based. Art has something in the nature of an inferential mechanism which constitutes the platforms on which all theories of the mathematical, physical and human sciences move about.

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Indeed, games of proportion - reducible to number games and metrics in architecture, literature, music, painting, theatre, dance, etc. Situated next to this terrain and operating in reciprocal activity is the experimental mode which challenges or confirms theories created by the sciences, including mathematics.

It is experimentation which makes or breaks theories, pitilessly and without any particular consideration for the theories themselves.

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Yet the arts are governed in a manner even richer and more complex by this experimental mode. Certainly there is not nor will there ever be an objective criterion for determining absolute truth or eternal validity even Kaubandusvoimalused telefoni teel one work of art, just as no scientific "truth" is ever definitive.

But in addition to these two modes-inferential and experimental-art exists in a third mode, one of immediate revelation, which is neither inferential nor experimental. The revelation of beauty occurs immediately, directly, to someone ignorant of art as Swing Trade 3 indikaatorit as to the connoisseur. This is the strength of art and, so it seems, its superiority over the sciences. Art, while living the two dimensions of inference and experimentation, possesses this third and most mysterious dimension which permits art objects to escape any aesthetic science while still enjoying the caresses of inference and experimentation.

Как могли они узнать о том, что Макс и я отправляемся на поиски Эпонины и Элли, если не подслушивали наш разговор. На несколько секунд наступило молчание. - Быть может, рассказали женщины, - предположил Ричард. - Для этого необходимо совпадение двух весьма маловероятных обстоятельств, - заметил Патрик.

But on the other hand, art cannot live by the revelation mode alone. Art history of all times and of all civilizations shows us that art has an imperious need of Td aterirotrade valikute haridus including that of chance ; therefore, a need for inference and its confirmation; hence, a need for its experimental truth.

Actually there is no reason why art cannot, following the example of science, rise from the immensity of the cosmos; nor why art cannot, as a cosmic landscaper, modify the demeanor of the galaxies. This may seem utopian, and in fact it is, but only temporarily when viewed in the context of the immensity of time.

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On the contrary, what is not utopian but possible today is to cast luminous spiderwebs of colored laser beams like a giant polytope over cities and countrysides: the use of clouds as reflector screens, the use of artificial satellites as reflecting mirrors so that these "webs" rise in space and surround the earth with their phantasmagorical, moving geometries: joining the earth and the moon by filaments of light.

One could even willfully create artificial aurora boreales in the night skies whose movements, forms and colors would be controlled by electromagnetic fields aroused by lasers in the highest atmosphere.

Что это еще за чертовщина. - спросил Макс.

But hedgehopping sound displacements in cities and over the countryside are already possible thanks to national networks of air raid alarm system speakers. It would suffice to merely refine them. Technologically speaking, these things are feasible today.

In these planetary or cosmic artistic productions, it is apparent that the artist, and consequently art, must be simultaneously rational inferentialtechnical experimental and talented revelatory : three indispensable and coordinated modes which shun fatal failures, given the dimensions of these projects and the great risk of error.

This greater complexity of the fundamental system of the three modes which govern art leads to the conclusion that art is richer and vaster and must necessarily initiate condensations and coagulations of intelligence; therefore, serve as a universal guide to the other sciences. These pebbles, at first very isolated, have found themselves brought together by bonds of relationships, of affinities, but also by opposition, gradually forming figures of local coherencies and then vaster fields summoning each other with questions and then the resulting answers.

Mathematics plays an essential role here as a philosophical catalyst, as a molding Td aterirotrade valikute haridus for forming auditory or visual edifices, but also as a springboard toward self-liberation.

Here I will outline only the fundamental questions and, in opposition to these, the answers given by the works I have created, I will not, in any case, go into detail nor explain the mazes of their elaboration.

Furthermore, several of these questions are interrelated and create intersections belonging to the same philosophical domain.

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For example: causality - determinism- continuity, indeterminism chance -- existentiality—determinism, etc. This is also why a work answer can in itself, respond to a whole group of questions. In addition, I will mention only a few works from the thesis file.